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Kronology Interview


The drum and bass scene is looking strong. From the sweaty recesses of the grimiest jump-up raves to chart-topping, ad-soundtracking mainstream acceptance, 2015 has shown that this music has the full spectrum covered. And Technique Recordings, as always, has been up there at the forefront of the movement. This compilation, drawn from Technique’s releases over the year, is here to confirm that point.

We’ve had a chat with Kronology to get to know more about their track ‘Submerge’ and what the future hold for them.

Please give us a short introduction to yourselves.

Hi! We’re Nick & Rene, and the two of us make up Kronology. We’re both from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, both got our start playing guitar in bands growing up, and we both studied music and audio engineering in college before linking up as a duo. We got our start making DnB as “Slogun & iOh” a few years ago, before we signed to Technique and rebranded under the “Kronology” name a little over a year ago.

It’s been a great year for Kronology and Technique, please tell us a bit about the track featured on the compilation ‘Submerge’.

‘Submerge’ was a lot of fun to make; we had been talking with our friends in Divine Elements about collaborating on a track for a long time, and eventually we managed to get all 4 of us in studio together every night for a couple weeks and what came out of it was ‘Submerge’. We wanted to make an iconic track that would get peoples attention; we’re really happy with the results and its been amazing to see such a positive reaction to it from the DnB community.

If you could relive a moment of 2015 what would it be and why?

It would probably be a tie between when Friction played our tune “You & Me” for over a month in a row on his BBC Radio 1 DnB show, or when we first saw “Submerge” climb into the Beatport DnB Top 10.

What are you working on next?

We’ve been working on a big batch of new tunes over the last few months, and we’ve just sorted which two tracks will be on our next Technique single. More info coming soon, but we’re really proud of these and can’t wait to unleash them!

If 2016 would be the year of your lifetime, what would be happening?

We would be touring nation-wide and internationally, playing festivals supporting a full-length album. One day!

If Drum and Bass was a animal what would it be and why?

Probably some sort of cross between a Lion and a Cheetah – it’s the king of the jungle but also really fast!!


Check out Technique’s annual compilation below, you can get it here.