Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Thug Killer [Technique Recordings]


You’ve probably already heard Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s first Technique release of 2017, although you might not have clocked that it was them on the buttons. So, having chalked up Radio 1 airplay from behind the scenes on Youngman’s genre-bending Sorry, the label bosses are stepping into the spotlight themselves. And they’re definitely making their presence felt. Contine reading

T-Phonic & Deadman sign exclusively to Technique Recordings


Drumsound & Bassline Smith don’t open the books very often, but, fresh for 2017, they  have a brand new exclusive signing to report. For them to add to the elite Technique Recordings roster alongside artists like Tantrum Desire, L Plus and Document One means they’ve found something special. And, in this case, that something comes in the form of T-Phonic & Deadman, about to make their mark with their debut release “Scare Tactics” / “Reflections VIP”. Contine reading