Urban Wildlife Vol. 2 [Urban Wildlife]

Like a huge multipack of all your favourite flavours, Urban Wildlife’s new compilation has you covered whether you like your drum & bass ready salted or deep cut.

Breaking down borders as well as the walls around the genre’s different scenes, the ambitious Urban Wildlife platform has combed Europe for the freshest tracks and turned up 23 from no fewer than five different countries – new and established producers from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and the UK all feature on Urban Wildlife Vol. 2.

Musically the compilation is a d&b joyride, veering manically from blissful liquid courtesy of the likes of El Hopaness, Neva Faded and Tweakz & Emtee to a darker beast entirely, with razor-sharp cuts from SubMarine, Matys and a host of others.

Get your hands on the compilation at http://urban-wildlife.com/ and get your ears wrapped round a FREE DOWNLOAD mix here.

Andy Skopes – Who Are You / Laterality [Inperspective Records]

On his debut for Inperspective Records, London producer Andy Skopes has set his stall out with two tracks of unapologetic Amen-shredding bass weight.

Slick roller ‘Who Are You’ is a doff of the cap to the old school producers knocking around while Skopes worked at infamous Croydon record store Wax City, while on the flip the brooding ‘Laterality’ is a darker, denser affair that could be the soundtrack to a deep-space mission. A hefty way to round off the label’s Teddy Bear Trilogy indeed.

Listen here – https://soundcloud.com/chrisinperspective/sets/inp021-andy-skopes-who-are-you

Get it here: http://inperspectiverecords.bandcamp.com/album/inp021-who-are-you-laterality

Follow Andy Skopes and Inperspective Records on Soundcloud:

CRYPTOCHROME – More Human [Defcon Records]


If you’re gonna release an album nowadays, you have to make something really damn special to let it stand out. CRYPTOCHROME, a three-member electro soul-rap band from Reykjavík, Iceland, have done exactly that, and THEN some. Eleven tracks, eleven music videos, with sonic and visual quality to drop the jaws of the most demanding targets, and all done in their spare time on next to zero budget. It really does leave you wondering, ‘what kind of sorcery are these guys using!?’

Now, with nominations, awards, and Iceland Music Export funding to their name, CRYPTOCHROME are finally ready to release their album ‘MORE HUMAN’ to an unexpecting world. Melodic but heavy, light-hearted but powerful, relaxing and equally danceable, this is an album that transcends boundaries and welcomes the listener in with open arms, and sends them away with an enriched experience. CRYPTOCHROME are clearly here to make a SERIOUS impression.

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/cryptochromervk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/cryptochromervk/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/cryptochromervk/
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/cryptochromervk
Insta – https://www.instagram.com/cryptochrome_rvk/

Fearful – Collective Conscience EP [Flexout Audio]

It can be scary being new. But Fearful – a recent addition to the Flexout Audio roster – has been shown the ropes in the best way possible, with five of the label’s core artists pitching in with collabs on his gigantic debut EP.

The Collective Conscience EP kicks off in feisty fashion with lead track ‘Collective Conscience’, featuring Amoss and Arkaik, and closes with icy roller ‘Frozen In Time’, a deep project with Chesson.

The EP also shakes to the sounds of a second collab with Amoss and a powerful cut co-produced with Deficit, while Hyroglifics returns to the home of one of his first releases as he lends a hand in the devastating half-time of ‘Le’Wonk’.

Listen here – https://soundcloud.com/flexoutaudio/sets/flxa064-fearful-collective


Sepalot – hide& [Eskapaden Musik]

Attacking bass music firmly from the left-field, German producer Sepalot is back behind the controls with a new album of widescreen beats and immersive sounds.

The first part of his brand new diptych album Hide&Seek – simply titled Hide& – sees the former member of German hip-hop heavyweights Blumentopf channelling genuine emotion using his formidable technical ability. With a range of flavours on offer, from Bonobo-esque elegant opener ‘Hard Rain’ to the twisted groove of ‘Hide and Freak’, Sepalot has hit his stride and it is a joy to behold.

Listen to ‘Hide and Freak’ below, or get the LP here: http://phonofile.link/hide

Sepalot official site: www.sepalot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sepalot
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sepalot
Eskapaden Musik official site: www.eskapaden.net