Youngman – Spinning (Sunrise Mix) [Technique Recordings]

Youngman Press Shot Landscape

As one of the most versatile singer-songwriter-emcees the scene has produced, Youngman does a lot more than DnB. 2017, though, sees him prove his junglist credentials once again. He’s featured on huge tracks like Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Steal My Heart and Wilkinson’s Hypnotic, played huge shows, and, now, he’s dropped another solo release on Technique. His reworked garage classic Sorry has already hit Spotify’s Viral Top 20 this year, and he’s back with the follow-up. Contine reading

Sinistarr – ‘Bonchon’ / ‘The Other Tune’ [Free Love Digi]

Sinistarr is back on Free Love Digi, and it’s a footwork-meets-drum & bass extravaganza in the shape of two groove-laden tracks which kick like mules.

‘Bonchon’ is led by irresistible drums which could get a stone statue moving, although the dark chimes and ominous stabs make things less than sunny. On the flip, ‘The Other Tune’ brings the happiness in the form of a giant, pulsating wonk bassline. The Detroit producer is on top form once again.

The record is out now on Free Love Digi – grab it at and listen here.

Oliver Yorke – ‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’ [none60]

Oliver Yorke backs up a trailer full of grit and dumps it on a beat on his latest release, ‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’.

A-side ‘Wanderer’ might just be the darkest track released by Silent Dust’s label none60 to date, a plunging half-time beast with Yorke’s trademark expansive sound design. On the other side is Yorke’s first ever collaboration with Silent Dust, a 21st-century jungle cut which complete’s a perfect one-two for the producer’s second release on the imprint.

‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’ is out on June 16, pre-order here –

DJ Rap – Detonate [Propa Talent]

IMG_9996 copy

DJ Rap is the undisputed queen of the turntables and considered to be one of the pioneers in drum & bass and Jungle music. She exploded onto the electronic music scene in the golden era of the rave scene with unparalleled passion and innovation that has influenced generations of producers and DJs. But music is not the only string to her bow, she also has an extremely successful acting career. Contine reading

Soulful Nature – Memories EP [NexGen Music]

Just in time for summer, Soulful Nature is back on NexGen Music with four tracks of inch-perfect liquid in the shape of the Memories EP.

The vibes are strong, from the sunshine groove of ‘The First Time’ to the delicate emotional delivery of ‘Away From Me’ and ‘Lowdown’ – and a highlight comes in the form of piano-led ‘Memories’, featuring RAGGS, which perfectly captures what’s good about liquid d&b right now.

Buy the EP here – 


DLX – Ain’t It Funky EP [Free Love Digi]

Usefully, DLX hid a clue to what his latest EP Ain’t It Funky is all about in the name of one of the tracks. Closing cut ‘Predator Dance Battle Party’, we’re looking at you.

The EP is vintage Free Love Digi, packed with chopped beats, frazzled basslines and a relentless rush of head-expanding energy. North Carolina producer DLX mashes drum & bass, jungle and footwork together, and pulls out four infectious tracks.

Get the record at, listen here.

Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki, Homesick – Rogue Style 1 EP [Defrostatica Records]

Four producers, three continents, countless sounds and one common starting point – the Rogue Style 1 EP is an international celebration of b-boy culture, bringing a fresh take on its hip-hop roots using drum & bass, footwork and more to do it.

Sinistarr (USA), Kiat (Singapore), Kabuki (Germany) and Homesick (Canada) each contribute one track to the record, which is out now on Leipzig-based label Defrostatica Records. For the d&b heads, Kiat’s effort – ‘It’s Yours’ feat. Klose – is the one to go for, a crisp slice of 170bmp business. Elsewhere, footwork is the fundamental sound – and all three tracks are doozies in different ways.

For everyone involved with the record, b-boy culture holds a real significance. Sinistarr said: “As a teenager I grew up as a b-boy, dancing anywhere I could: schools, parks, festivals, you name it, my crew was there with cardboard and a speaker.”

Kiat said: “Hip Hop has taught me to keep evolving, to explore new forms in all my art. Progression is the key to evolution.”

Kabuki said: “B-boy culture has always been a strong influence on how I pursued my art, mainly because of its DIY ethos and attitude of perfecting your craft. Incidentally these were also the aspects that drew me to Jungle when I first discovered it in the nineties.”

Homesick said: “I was only a child in the 90s and as a result I feel like my understanding of b-boy culture was experienced second hand thanks to 90s/early 2000s hip hop music. I appreciate the parallels I can see with footwork culture, particularly the similarities to the community mentality of break dancing.”

The record is out now on Defrostatica Records – pick it up at and listen here.


A1 Sinistarr – Yo Speakerz (feat. Detroit’s Filthiest)
A2 Kiat – Visual (feat. Klose)
B1 Kabuki – South Bronx Subway Riddim
B2 HomeSick – Mass Appeal