Tomcraft – What Does It Feel Like? [DBStereo Ltd]


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2DB – Leave [Technique Recordings]


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s rough-edged alter-ego 2DB make an appearance. In fact, the last time the Technique bosses’ slightly more evil doppelgangers showed up was in 2015, when they delivered the masterpieces of filth Terrahawk, Check Out the Bounce, and Quaalude. So, have those two years away dulled the raucous sensibilities of the 2DB style? Contine reading

Quentin Hiatus – I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 3 [Free Love Digi]

If there’s one thing you can say about Quentin Hiatus it’s that his musical imagination is one of the best in the business, and the third instalment of his I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus series is another serious show of production muscle.

Over the course of eight expansive tracks the Free Love Digi boss sets up camp in the nether regions of half-time drum & bass and layers up with warm synth sweeps, icy vocal samples and rolling basslines. The result could only be a Quentin Hiatus record, heavy on atmospherics and very, very light on conventions.

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Document One – How Low Can You Get? / Girl [Technique Recordings]


Without compromise, without fuss, the Document One boys have established themselves as certified production dons. They’ve managed to weave strands from soul, jazz, hip- hop, techno and funk together into something that’s always just a bit unpredictable. Well, that’s not quite true. The one thing you can predict with certainty is that, every time, they’ll do some serious damage in the dance. And here’s their new release to prove it. Contine reading

Simon Bassline Smith (Smith Inc) – Palomino / Sty-Le [Absolute2Records]


Time for some history. We’re going back before Technique Recordings, before the team-up with Drumsound, even before drum ‘n’ bass existed as a genre. We’re going back to 1991, when Simon Bassline Smith made an indelible mark on the on the rave scene with his label Absolute 2. Those were the days when his imprint brought us the early work of soon-to-be-legends like Doc Scott and Nookie. Now, with newly remastered versions of some Absolute 2 classics, Mr Smith’s reminding us why he’s been big in the game since day. Contine reading