RAE – Kingston Bass [Audio Danger]

The sonic equivalent of the heat from a rocket launcher, RAE’s debut EP mashes Jamaican clash culture with old-school UK drum & bass to add a distinctive flavour to a powerful, modern sound.

Pristine production keeps things razor-sharp, but Kingston Bass is constantly looking West to the Caribbean or back in time to 90s d&b raves. It all comes together nicely in the shape of four almighty tracks – Good Body Gal’, ‘Mad Ting’, ‘Hands Up’ and ‘Fireface’ – each with its own cataclysmic bassline.

Kingston Bass is out now on London-based label Audio Danger Records. Listen below or head to www.audiodanger.co.uk to buy.


Om Unit and Digital remix Seba

Following the 2015 re-issue of Seba’s album Return to Forever, two of the veteran producer’s biggest tracks are now being offered on a remix single.

Om Unit and Digital are the chosen producers, and it is their razor-sharp remix work which takes ‘External Reality’ and ‘Day by Night’ into a new dimension. Om Unit tackles ‘External Reality’, gently taking some of the grit away and replacing it with lush synth atmospherics instead. On the flip, Digital gets tough with ‘Day by Night’, upping the ante of the original bass sound and getting busy with some breakbeats for good measure.

The remix single comes two years after the re-issue of Seba’s album Return to Forever. Listen below, or head to www.secretoperations.com to buy.


Thomas B – Augmented Place EP [Free Love Digi]

Thomas B takes the sub-bass seriously on his new record, the Augmented Place EP.

Elements of trip-hop collide with the half-time drum & bass for which the Arizona producer is known for four low-strung tracks of bare rhythms and dreamscape bass sounds. ‘Straat’ gets a little bit wonky and ‘Augmented Place’ bounces harder thanks to its breakbeat engine, but overall the record is an exercise in bass-led meditation.

Listen to the record below, or head to www.freelovedigi.com to buy.