Mitad and Alexis K vs Unsub bend genres on NexGen Music

Big things are happening over at NexGen Music, where two new records are taking a blowtorch and bolt cutters to genre boundaries – it’s all gone a bit anarchy, and that is absolutely okay.

Fighting with Fire is the debut EP from international duo Mitad, made up of Sal Lo Cascio on production and Katherine Downham on vocals and formed after the pair were brought together by an online talent website. Mitad means half in Spanish, so Fighting with Fire is mitad drum & bass and mitad house – both genres are lovingly hand-crafted, expertly represented and perfectly timed ahead of festival season, with the record dropping in May on NexGen Music.

Click here for more info and to hear the tracks.

Then in comes the cavalry in the form of the expansive The Misadventures of Pilbourne Delaney by Unsub vs Alexis K, the first record released on NexGen sub-label Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records (PHDM). This new imprint is run by Lily Luck, who also masterminded the whole of its first release – Unsub and Alexis K are both aliases she uses (as is n0isemakeR).

The result of this self-collaboration is a whirlwind of genres thrown together and ripped apart – wonky basslines go up against jazz-fuelled drum & bass one minute, heavy metal guitar riffs drive dubstep tracks the next and antidotes are provided in the shape of ambient downtempo – it’s an intense 13 tracks, put it that way.

The Misadventures of Pilbourne Delaney is out now on Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records.