Ogonek – Too Loud EP [Estética Cibernética]

Ogonek - Too Loud EP

Dark as a black hole and dirty as a Victorian abattoir, the new EP from Bulgarian legend Ogonek is taking absolutely no prisoners.

The Too Loud EP is just that, a sadistic exercise in synth torturing drum & bass. Whether it’s the conventional, but impeccably executed, neuro of ‘Radio Noise’ and ‘Breathless’ or the boundary-breaking industrial mechanics of ‘PA23’ and ‘Vall’, Ogonek is on fine form – if by fine form you mean fucking up speaker cones.

A leading leader in the Bulgarian drum & bass scene, Ogonek has been operational for nearly 20 years, and since falling in since 1996. In the mid 2000s Ogonek hooked up with the biggest music movement in Bulgaria – HMSU – has rubbed shoulders with the genre’s big dogs – the list is the length of a large intestine, but includes the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Roni Size and Goldie.

30% of the proceeds from this EP will be donated to RAINN, the largest nonprofit anti-sexual assault organization in the United States.

The Too Loud EP is out now on Estética Cibernética.