Charles Jay – Higher Ground Ft. Martin Carr [Riq Yardrock Records]

Higher Ground - Charles Jay feat Martin Carr - Riq Yardrock Records

After the interest sparked in Riq Yardrock Records following the release of their seminal ‘Higher Ground’ single, it only made sense to drop a humongous remix package in its wake. Characterising the summer vibes which have washed over us over the last few months and featuring the vocal talents of Martin Carr, the track has received a revamp by the likes of Global Brockout, Callide and Marvellous Cain, all adding their own twist. Still paying homage to its original, whilst still managing to make their own mark, its clear Riq Yard Records picked the correct artists to bring it into another dimension.

Production duo Global Brockout steps up to the plate first, bringing quick-fire drum beats and a more climatic drop. Producing another hook, slightly funkier whilst still keeping its lighter edges, it creates more urgency but at the same time channels a tighter dancefloor vibe. Elevating pitches take you across a basslines that rises and falls steeply; it’s a stockier mixdown, more reminiscent of late nights than early summer afternoons.

Callide jumps in for the next round, with a more neuro-infused underpinning and a much heavier flow of composition. It’s a much more driving riddim, with clanking symbols and an almost unexpected break into chaos. The intro vocals are distilled differently and the build-up is much more ominous, which fits perfectly with how the track detonates. It’s definitely a call to arms, one that’ll take you into angrier waters than its predecessor.

Finally, Marvellous Cain has his take. Still keeping the synth laddered crescendo, Martin Carr’s vocal ranges are vaguely distorted, to go in line with the tracks more out there beat patterns and LFO. Subtle yet still making themselves known, the differences show Cain’s ability to manipulate sound without overstretching the point. Guiding you through another take, it manages to manifest yet again a different sensation, whilst still able to capture the same ambiance.

The remix package platforms three alternatives which provide a flavour for every musical tastebud. And if you were already a fan of the original, you’re about to hit the same quality of sound, but from vastly different angles.




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