Kantyze – Mutation LP [Free Love Digi]

Marrying power and precision in a way only German car makers usually can, French duo Kantyze set everything to stun on Mutation.

Debuting with a nine-track LP on Quentin Hiatus’ notoriously forward-looking label Free Love Digi is a statement in itself, and from the urgent sonics of opener ‘Has It Ever Occurred’ to the straight-up half time of crumpled closer ‘The Bonus Song’ the view remains widescreen throughout.

Kantyze is the brainchild of producers Feubo and Knockoutz, who between them cite music as varied as US hip-hop, Swedish metal and jungle as influences. And this madly diverse playlist has given rise to an equally diverse record, on which twisted synths are made to fit into symphonic shapes where they really have no right to be.

Listen below or head to www.freelovedigi.bandcamp.com to buy.


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