Melinki and Revaux – Totem EP [A R Records]

Drum & bass delivered with class and poise, Melinki and Revaux’s Totem EP is their first effort on Bristol-based label A R Records.

South coast producer Melinki and Yorkshire brother duo Revaux team were announced as new signings in the summer, and as mission statements go the Totem EP is very impressive.

The title track treads a line between delicacy and brute force, never overbearing but unquestionably muscular. The formula crops up again on ‘Swordplay’ which, if anything, kicks off more delicately before diving into a no-nonsense stomper of a bassline. ‘Unorthodox’ features Ozone on vocals, but the focus is shared between his bars and the relentless march of the drums.

Revaux get a chance to kick out on their own with ‘Overpass’, which combines twinkling piano with roaring basslines and pitchy percussion.

The Totem EP is out on A R Records as a double 12″ vinyl this month. Head to to buy.

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