Quentin Hiatus – I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 4 [Free Love Digi]

Quentin Hiatus - I'm Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 4 [Free Love Digi]

Quentin Hiatus is back with more intergalactic goodness with the fourth instalment of his I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus series, doing for drum & bass what NASA did for Neil Armstrong.

From the robotic warmth of ‘To Be Red’ to the full-bodied half-time roller ‘Electro Dynamics’ through more conventional break-led cuts like ‘Unstable Crystal’ and ‘Sense of Loss’ the seven-track record charts a course way out past Pluto, with warm synth washes from Mercury mornings and rumbling basslines from Jupiter’s raging red spot.

Listen below or head here to buy.


Basic Biology – ‘Twilight’/’Sensational’ [Free Love Digi]

Basic Biology - 'Twilight'/'Sensational' [Free Love Digi]

Free Love Digi takes a left turn near Venus for the new release from Basic Biology.

The thoughtful EP is one of the mellowest the label has put out to date, and is the first FLD record to bear the Basic Biology name although one of the two men behind the duo is a veteran of Quentin Hiatus’ imprint – as a solo artist Thomas B has put out numerous EPs and tracks.

The two have fairly different musical backgrounds – Thomas Brinson (Thomas B) took up production in his 20s, whereas Matthey Cassidy is a multi-instrumentalist who started playing music aged 10. The pair came together through mutual friend and Free Love Digi bigshot Ghast, and on their label debut they look to the dreamlike rather than the dancefloor with two soft tracks of leftfield bass – ‘Twilight’ and ‘Sensational’ – which are raised even higher by the vocal work of Megan McKay.

Verging on trip-hop and bearing comparison to artists like Phaeleh, the EP is a breath of fresh air but one which can blow hard at times with some rock-solid beats.

Listen below or head to www.freelovedigi.com to buy.


Quentin Hiatus – ‘Clever Girl’ / ‘Orange Dreams’ [none60]

No stranger to taking drum & bass to the very edges of its definition, Quentin Hiatus takes an outing on none60 for a mesmerising new release.

The record leads on the stratospheric ‘Clever Girl’ which flies on a joyous synth line while bass frequencies ebb and flow beneath it. If ‘Clever Girl’ sails close to the sun, second track ‘Orange Dreams’ burrows underground, packing weight and taught drums into a small space for a heavyweight exercise in neuro-tinged production skills

Released on February 16th, ‘Clever Girl’/‘Orange Dreams’ has been hailed by DJs and producers across the scene. Listen below or head here to buy.


Nuaru – Like In A Dream EP [Free Love Digi]

Free Love Digi ushers in another mind-expanding talent in the form of Dutch mastermind Nuaru, whose Like In A Dream EP is his first for Quentin Hiatus’ inimitable label.

A gentle, lush intro ushers in the title track, which expands into a widescreen half-time roller with definite liquid tendencies. Second track ‘She Blends In With The Ocean’ keeps the focus wide open but toughens things up a bit with a laser-beam bassline and ever-increasing atmospherics.

Nuaru played his first show back in 2014 at the Amsterdam Dance Event, going on to sign to Basserk Records. He has also seen his tracks put out on other labels, appearing on compilations alongside the likes of Deon Custom, Arts the Beatdoctor and Pete Philly.

Listen below, or head here to buy.


Thomas B – Augmented Place EP [Free Love Digi]

Thomas B takes the sub-bass seriously on his new record, the Augmented Place EP.

Elements of trip-hop collide with the half-time drum & bass for which the Arizona producer is known for four low-strung tracks of bare rhythms and dreamscape bass sounds. ‘Straat’ gets a little bit wonky and ‘Augmented Place’ bounces harder thanks to its breakbeat engine, but overall the record is an exercise in bass-led meditation.

Listen to the record below, or head to www.freelovedigi.com to buy.


Kantyze – Mutation LP [Free Love Digi]

Marrying power and precision in a way only German car makers usually can, French duo Kantyze set everything to stun on Mutation.

Debuting with a nine-track LP on Quentin Hiatus’ notoriously forward-looking label Free Love Digi is a statement in itself, and from the urgent sonics of opener ‘Has It Ever Occurred’ to the straight-up half time of crumpled closer ‘The Bonus Song’ the view remains widescreen throughout.

Kantyze is the brainchild of producers Feubo and Knockoutz, who between them cite music as varied as US hip-hop, Swedish metal and jungle as influences. And this madly diverse playlist has given rise to an equally diverse record, on which twisted synths are made to fit into symphonic shapes where they really have no right to be.

Listen below or head to www.freelovedigi.bandcamp.com to buy.


Quentin Hiatus – I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 3 [Free Love Digi]

If there’s one thing you can say about Quentin Hiatus it’s that his musical imagination is one of the best in the business, and the third instalment of his I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus series is another serious show of production muscle.

Over the course of eight expansive tracks the Free Love Digi boss sets up camp in the nether regions of half-time drum & bass and layers up with warm synth sweeps, icy vocal samples and rolling basslines. The result could only be a Quentin Hiatus record, heavy on atmospherics and very, very light on conventions.

Head to www.freelovedigi.com to buy, listen below.


Sinistarr – ‘Bonchon’ / ‘The Other Tune’ [Free Love Digi]

Sinistarr is back on Free Love Digi, and it’s a footwork-meets-drum & bass extravaganza in the shape of two groove-laden tracks which kick like mules.

‘Bonchon’ is led by irresistible drums which could get a stone statue moving, although the dark chimes and ominous stabs make things less than sunny. On the flip, ‘The Other Tune’ brings the happiness in the form of a giant, pulsating wonk bassline. The Detroit producer is on top form once again.

The record is out now on Free Love Digi – grab it at www.freelovedigi.com and listen here.



DLX – Ain’t It Funky EP [Free Love Digi]

Usefully, DLX hid a clue to what his latest EP Ain’t It Funky is all about in the name of one of the tracks. Closing cut ‘Predator Dance Battle Party’, we’re looking at you.

The EP is vintage Free Love Digi, packed with chopped beats, frazzled basslines and a relentless rush of head-expanding energy. North Carolina producer DLX mashes drum & bass, jungle and footwork together, and pulls out four infectious tracks.

Get the record at www.freelovedigi.com, listen here.



Indifferent – Hip Hop Will Incarnate EP [Free Love Digi]

New Zealand producer Indifferent returns to Free Love Digi for round two, and the result of his experiments with drum & bass, jungle and footwork are fascinating and extremely bass heavy.

According to a post on the label’s Facebook page the Hip Hop Will Incarnate EP had them “hella waved”, and for something to have that effect on such a forward-thinking imprint it must be pretty special.

The Hip Hop Will Incarnate EP is five tracks strong is already out in the wild  – locate it at http://freelovedigi.com/ and listen here https://soundcloud.com/free-love-digi/sets/indifferent-hip-hop-will.

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