Maltin Worf – City of Meth II EP [Defrostatica Records]

Maltin Worf - City of Meth II EP [Defrostatica Records]

Defrostatica Records continue their relentless promotion of the finest tracks drawn from Leipzig’s left field music scene with the new EP from Maltin Worf.

On City of Meth II the Leipzig producer returns to the hostile environment he constructed with the first EP – itself only two and a half months old – and continues to look out from an introspective bubble blown right in its centre.

Maltin Worf boils down footwork and jungle over the flame of his b-boy past to craft four more haunting 160bpm cuts built on shuffling juke beats with miles of atmospherics soaring overhead.

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Various Artists – Future Sound of Leipzig [Defrostatica Records]

Various Artists - Future Sound of Leipzig [Defrostatica Records]

Defrostatica Records lift the lid on the music which is shaking the foundations of its hometown right now on the Future Sound of Leipzig compilation, an intense basscone workout touching hip-hop, trap, jungle, juke, half tempo and drum & bass across its 17 tracks.

Tempos range from 80 right up to a full-blown 170 bpm as underground artists including Schmeichel, Kiat, Maltin Worf and BRKN1 drop tracks across the full spectrum – expect frenetic footwork one minute (’Nous’ by DJ YumYum) and brain-massage relaxation (see ‘Renaissance’ by Goodkat) the next. Defrostatica have delivered the complete package.

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Urban Wildlife Vol. 3 [Urban Wildlife]


Urban Wildlife Vol. 3 [Urban Wildlife]

Back once again with the ill behaviour, Urban Wildlife have dropped volume three in their heavyweight drum & bass compilation series.

Producers from all corners of the globe lay down beefy cuts of 175bpm goodness representing every shade of the genre which Urban Wildlife exists to serve. Tearout jump-up rubs shoulders with molten gold liquid, straight-up nastiness goes hand in hand with clean-cut vocals – if there’s a more detailed, better curated 24-track compilation going, we are yet to see it.

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Schmeichel – Alteration EP [Defrostatica Records]

Schmeichel - Alteration EP [Defrostatica Records]

Ambitious Leipzig-based label Defrostatica continues to fly the flag for its hometown with the debut EP from Schmeichel, the Alteration EP – a forward-thinking journey through the outer reaches of footwork.

Drawing influences from all corners of bass music, former rock drummer Schmeichel strings together five cuts of explorative electronica with its roots in footwork but its heights almost limitless. Driven by hi-hats and rimshots, the record shuffles and grooves its way through a story, ushering in one of the new generation of Leipzig producers.

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Ly Da Buddah & Mystic Dan – Rollin (Free Download) [Real Vibes]

Ly Da Buddah and Mystic Dan are back to bless us again with more industrial-grade junglist drum & bass, and as ever it is available as a free download on their Real Vibes imprint.

With a free release planned every month until December this year, it’s not exactly a surprise that ‘Rollin’ can be grabbed straight from Soundcloud but it is always a treat to get something for free that is so good you would have paid for it

‘Rollin’ kicks with a sliding bassline thrown over the top of frantic breaks, with a couple of jungle-style verses spat for good measure.

Listen below, and pick up the free download from the Real Vibes Soundcloud page.

Ly Da Buddah & Mystic Dan – High Peak (Free Download) [Real Vibes]

A storming free download marks the entrance of new label Real Vibes onto the drum & bass scene, peddling a heady blend of jungle and jump-up.

‘High Peak’ comes from label founders Ly Da Buddah and Mystic Dan, who have each been in the game for over 20 years, and they have used all that experience to unleash a straight-up bruiser. Jungle-scented jump-up is the order of the day, ragga-style vocals bringing some island flavour while a no-frills beat and gritty bassline provide the weight.

The label aims to release a free download a month from now until December 2018, so stay tuned.

Listen below, and grab the free download through the Real Vibes Soundcloud page.

Earl Grey – Headwinds LP [Inperspective Records]

Making his full-length debut on legendary imprint Inperspective Records, Earl Grey has taken jungle flavours and the art of a twisted amen break to a beautiful new space.

An expansive, widescreen record that fully justifies its 14-track length, Headwinds is the latest boundary-pusher off the Inperspective production line which, has been rumbling for 20 years.

The Manchester producer explained what the record is all about. He said: “Headwinds is open to interpretation, and has the potential to be dual-meaning, depending on the perspective of the listener.

“On one hand it could be the common currents of energy that one has to often work against, in day to day life and otherwise. On the other hand, ‘headwinds’ is a term to define the thoughts and streams of consciousness that plague those that by nature overthink.

“When I create, the music comes first, before acquiring meaning, but to me this album sounds like a single day in its progression, from day through to night, and although life has changed since the music was written, the feelings and themes still resonate”

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Oliver Yorke – ‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’ [none60]

Oliver Yorke backs up a trailer full of grit and dumps it on a beat on his latest release, ‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’.

A-side ‘Wanderer’ might just be the darkest track released by Silent Dust’s label none60 to date, a plunging half-time beast with Yorke’s trademark expansive sound design. On the other side is Yorke’s first ever collaboration with Silent Dust, a 21st-century jungle cut which complete’s a perfect one-two for the producer’s second release on the imprint.

‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’ is out on June 16, pre-order here –

DLX – Ain’t It Funky EP [Free Love Digi]

Usefully, DLX hid a clue to what his latest EP Ain’t It Funky is all about in the name of one of the tracks. Closing cut ‘Predator Dance Battle Party’, we’re looking at you.

The EP is vintage Free Love Digi, packed with chopped beats, frazzled basslines and a relentless rush of head-expanding energy. North Carolina producer DLX mashes drum & bass, jungle and footwork together, and pulls out four infectious tracks.

Get the record at, listen here.

DJ Trax – 20,000 Beats Under The Sea [Tempo Records]

Moving Shadow legend DJ Trax swings back into action with his beat-laden new EP 20,000 Beats Under The Sea on Dutch label Tempo Records.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the scene to draw from – his first release came in 1991 – it is no surprise that the Essex producer’s latest effort is deep, wide and overflowing with breaks.

The mesmerising KJ Sawka provides live drums on the reflective ‘No Name’, but everywhere else it’s breaks as usual, propping up energising jungle on the title track and deep, saxophone vibes on ‘Send Me Back’.

The release comes as a limited 140g clear vinyl pressing – head to to buy, and listen below.