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Taste My Filth
Posts and Tweets

Posts & Tweets

If you are in a hurry and would like to guarantee that your content is featured on our web-site and social media profiles then you may be interested in one of our low-cost music PR options.

  • FaceBook Post: £10
  • Google+ Post: £10
  • Tweet: £10
  • Web-Site Blog Post: £20

We are able to post and tweet your content as soon as we receive your payment. We're also happy to schedule the release of your content in order to sync your posts and tweets with any additional campaigns you may be running. Please drop us an email if you have any specific requirements you would like to discuss.

DJ Promo Mail-Out Service

DJ Promo Mail-Out Service

If you're an independent artist or label we can help expand the reach of your music with our affordable DJ promo mail-out service. Our system drops your material into the lap of hundreds of the world's biggest DJs spanning a number of genres including Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstsep, Electro House, Electronic Hip Hop, Moombhaton and Trap.

We are able to provide you with detailed feedback on your campaign on a weekly basis giving you the lowdown on DJ feedback and support as well as download statistics. Your music will also go out to hundreds of blogs and YouTube channels in order to maximise your PR campaign and we will also feature your content on our web-site and social media profiles at no extra cost.

All music pr campaigns are unique and have different requirements so if you are interested in using our service please get in touch for a chat so that we can price your campaign accordingly and get your music to the right people.

EDM Music Licensing

EDM Music Licensing

Our EDM music licensing service specialises in helping independent artists gain global exposure by licensing their tracks to commercials, films, television shows, video games and web promos. In recent years we have scored tunes for clients including Lexus, Sony Playstation and Red Bull as well as having material placed in Hollywood TV shows such as Beauty & The Beast, Do No Harm, Shameless, Star Crossed, Switched At Birth, The Fosters, The New Normal and The Secret Circle as well as the Daniel Benmayor movie Tracers starring Taylor Lautner.

Our non-exclusive service is the perfect music licensing solution for independent artists as we allow you to keep the master rights and publishing to your music, giving you the ability to upgrade your music career whilst retaining control. We also allow our artists to work with similar companies if they wish.

If you would like more information on our service and our non-exclusive agreement we will be more than happy to talk you through the details so please don't hesitate to get in touch.