The Prodigy (Featuring Sleaford Mods) – Ibiza


There aren’t that many acts out there that actually live up to the legend status, but Essex boys The Prodigy are one of them. For over twenty years they’ve been at the forefront of the UK music scene, never far from the top slots of festivals, or the charts. They’ve just hit the top spot again with the aggressive, and aggressively titled, The Day is My Enemy, which is no surprise given their rabid fan base and the group’s previous for heading straight to the top of the pops.

One of the standouts of the new album is the Sleaford Mods featuring “Ibiza” which simmers with the kind of seven pint aggro we’ve come to expect from Mods front man Jason Williamson. We’re incredibly excited to be bringing you the world premiere of the track’s raucous video.